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About Us

Prima Navis - Shipbuilding & Engineering

shipbuilding & engineering

Company overview

We are company based in Croatia, which specializes for the:

  • Electrical wiring, installation of electrical routes, ironwork for electrical installations
  • Manufacture & Assembly of ship sections, hull work, grand blocks work
  • Welding and grinding of sections (pre-fabrication workshop's, slipways and docks)

The company employs qualified fitters, ironworkers in general, certified welders (according to EN ISO 9606-1), grinders and qualified electricians.

Our Managers and Heads of the project actively speak English language. Since the company was founded, we are present in the many shipyards, most jobs are contracted on a project basis.





Our references & projects

Down below you can see our reference list:

    German Shipyards:
    • Meyer Werft Papenburg - Installation of electrical cable routes and electrical wiring. (PHOTOS)

    Croatian shipyards:
    • Uljanik d.d. – Pula ( Car Truck carriers, Ro-Ro Car Truck carriers, Wagon Carriers, Self-Propelled Cutter Suction Dredgers, Prouduct tankers, Crane-Pipe Laying Vessel, Ferry Container Ship )
    • 3. Maj d.d. – Rijeka ( Prouduct tankers, Car Truck carriers, Ro-Ro Car Truck carriers )
    • Viktor Lenac d.d. – Kostrena ( Many projects on Shiprepair, Conversions and Offshore )
    • Brodosplit d.d – Split ( Prouduct tankers, Handy Orange Juicy Carrier, Ro-pax ferry )
    • Heli Yachts d.o.o. – Pula ( 50 m Superyacht Avangard II ) – http://www.avangard-yachts.com

    Finland Shipyards:
    • MEYER TURKU (Cruise ships) - Fabrication of ship bloks, hull work or grand blocks work at Meyer Turku Oy for NB 392 vessel - MEIN Schiff 6.

    Nederland Shipyards:
    • Vaan Oord Spudcan Modiication - Offshore project-familiar with material and welding traceability and Welding Procedure Specifications
    • Scheepswerf Slob B.V. - Yacht Sections
    • Keppel Verolme B.V. - Repair of semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV) Hermod (Heerema-HMC)
    • Holland Shipyard - Cargo / Oil pontoon with a mobile ramp
    • Netherlands (IHC-pipelayers: 729,731,732,733,734,735, Section of the superstructure and their merging into the blocks, Offshore sections, Pusher, Container for metal scrap, Varius overhauls)

    Japan Shipyards:
    • Mitsubishi Shipyard in Nagasaki (Cruise ships)

We cooperate with:


MEYER TURKU is a well-known and reliable partner for designing and building innovative, tailor-made cruise vessels and ferries according to the customer’s needs. The ships built in Turku shipyard are known to be the safest, most environmentally friendly, comfortable, reliable and energy efficient in the industry.

The following innovations have their origins in Turku: the first purpose built-cruise ship; the first cruise ship with all outside cabins; the first diesel-electric cruise ship; the first pod-propulsion cruise ship; and first cruise ships with indoor atrium promenade.

Hull production at MEYER TURKU is performed by a flexible facility, specialised in hull blocks of different shapes, sizes and weights. We aim at highly modular solutions that will minimise the amount of work needed in ship assembly. In production work, we use traditional manual work methods as well as the newest machine vision-based robotic welding technologies.


ULJANIK Group is a modern, efficient, production-business group ready to respond in the shortest time possible and with the best of quality to all the demands of the world shipbuilding market.

With the strength of business reputation, quality and reliability of products and services, ULJANIK contributes to the development and satisfaction of their workers, as well as establishing and developing business relationships with the Buyers and business partners.

ULJANIK is a leading creative and innovative business and manufacturing group that with modern methods and synergy effect creates new values.


The company was founded as private company the beginning of 1988 by two partners and is still existing as the same. We have been co-operating all the time with few similar companies, in order to be more flexible in number of workers. Together we can achieve the number of abt. 40 skilled ship electricians acting as consortium under the leadership of SEA.


We are a team of 75 specializes electricians who, at any given moment, provide technical and/or project focused solutions. In addition we offer the highest standards when it comes to project solutions.

We offer our clients first class project solutions and experience which is acquired internationally as well as domestically, full end to end service of highest excellence in electrical installation and electro welding in regards to work on ship installations.

We are flexible, professional and dedicated and as a result we are constantly growing in client numbers. This is the way our client recognize our value. We are client focused and tailor our services to client needs and requirements, as well as project solutions that is on time and professional.

Our Team

Vicenco Stella

Vicenco Stella

Ceo & Managing Director

  • Tel: +385 91 230 7740
  • Mail: info@primanavis.com
Anton Dražin

Anton Dražin

Technical director

  • Tel: +385 (0)21 798 168
  • Mail: info@primanavis.com


  • Tel: +385 (0)21 798 168
  • Mail: info@primanavis.com
team members


  • Tel: +385 (0)21 798 168
  • Mail: info@primanavis.com

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