Malo more 10,
    21220 Trogir, Croatia

    HR: +385 91 230 7740
    NL: +316 26 147 314


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Become a part of our team

Become a part of our team. We constantly employ workers of all shipbuilding and electrical professions. We are looking for young, ambitious and responsible people. Experience is desirable, but not decisive. If you want to become part of our team please fill in the contact form and send the CV to info@primanavis.com.

  • highest university degree electrical
  • technicians
  • electricians
  • electronics engineers
  • start-up engineers
  • welders (MIG / MAG, REL, TIG)
  • pipe fitters
  • fitters
  • steel workers
  • aluminium workers
  • site managers
  • Prima Navis is a shipbuilding company from Trogir that successfully tackles the biggest challenges in the shipbuilding industry. We specialize in the manufacture of ships and metal constructions, electrical installation and electronics work on ships and land installations.

    The company constantly employs skilled metal workers and electricians. We have been in the market since 2011, in Croatian and foreign shipyards, overhauls, production huts. We're cooperating with a couple of similar companies because of the flexibility in the number of workers. Together we can deploy up to 75 electricians and 50 shipbuilding workers as a consortium under the leadership of Prima Navis.

    Our ambition is to become the preferred supplier in the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

    We are a team of 75 specializes electricians who, at any given moment, provide technical and/or project focused solutions. In addition we offer the highest standards when it comes to project solutions.

    We offer our clients first class project solutions and experience which is acquired internationally as well as domestically, full end to end service of highest excellence in electrical installation and electro welding in regards to work on ship installations.

    We are flexible, professional and dedicated and as a result we are constantly growing in client numbers. This is the way our client recognize our value. We are client focused and tailor our services to client needs and requirements, as well as project solutions that is on time and professional.

    The company was founded as private company the beginning of 1988 by two partners and is still existing as the same. We have been co-operating all the time with few similar companies, in order to be more flexible in number of workers. Together we can achieve the number of abt. 40 skilled ship electricians acting as consortium under the leadership of SEA.

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